Media & Entertainment

Management has an in-depth knowledge of the Media Industry with our CEO having organized the financing of over 45 Motion Pictures with about half a billion dollars in revenue. Media is of prime interest and Libra6 is currently structuring the creation of a $500 Million Fund to do co-financing with established media companies.

As the Major Studios are producing fewer films - especially Star-driven mid-budget films “A-List” Stars are now “underemployed” and seeking projects that play to their core strengths. Exhibitors have seen unfulfilled demand from audiences for Studio quality entertainment. Consumers’ entertainment consumption patterns have changed but the studios have difficulty adapting to these changes Empirical research shows that Star-driven, mid- budget films are among the most consistently profitable. Distribution is changing new medium are being introduced.

Global box office has increased year after year, reaching $36.4 billion in 2014. Growth has been heavily driven by the international marketplace, especially China, whose box office grew by 34% in 2014.
US Motion Picture Studios continue to dominate the worldwide film entertainment industry. L6M Fund investments in its Studio Partner’s films will allow the company to participate in the continually rapid expansion of the global marketplace.

Combination of these elements is making Hollywood an exciting place to be and this is where Libra6 intends to play a pivotal role.

In addition Libra6 Media is exploring the new digital distribution outlets such as Multi Channel Network or MCN. The Media planet is changing very fast for content delivery and “Millennials” are living a mobile, social, on-demand life. YouTube is the first access to videos for the 18-25 demographic & reaches a younger demographic. The consumption of video has the greatest impact on the 18-25 demographic than any major cable network and has a Larger audience than cable and broadcast networks combined.

The phenomenon with YouTube & MCN is not different than what happened 30 years ago when cable started. Clearly it is a new frontier and as such it is risky but we can expect that in the next few years MCN will pass by far traditional distribution mediums.