California Carbon Industry, Inc., (“CCI”) was incorporated under the laws of the State of California on May 23, 2014 by Libra6 Management. The Company is focused on designing, developing, and manufacturing advanced carbon and composite materials and products for use in the aerospace, automotive, marine, art, furniture and construction industries. Through technologies currently being developed in-house, as well as technologies to be licensed from universities and research organizations, CCI hopes to introduce a range of novel carbon-based material solutions and assembly methods which will open new frontiers in the design domain for strength, free form, light weight and durability. Since inception, CCI has been developing carbon composite prototypes to be used in the marine industry, which use a novel process to assemble the carbon exterior to the interior composite, has tested the prototypes at a small outside laboratory in the San Diego area of California, CCI entered into discussions with California State University, Long Beach, to co-develop a carbon composite technology for making ultra-light fuel tanks, and has developed a process of introducing carbon nano-particles to the carbon fiber impregnation process through the use of liquid mediums at an outside facility, in Los Angeles. CCI has not yet patented any technologies, acquired any patents, finalized any agreement with any university, or completed testing of our carbon fiber impregnation process.
CCI is an exciting opportunity spotted by Libra6 Management in which Libra6 invested and took public successfully through a complicated process in about 6 months. Libra6 and Management remains a large shareholder of the Company and intends to continue to play a pivotal role in assisting the Company to get to the next steps.

Project started in February 2015 and Notice of Effectiveness was granted by the SEC on August 26. The Prospectus can be found here:

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